Support the seeds of love initiative

Support the Seeds of Love Initiative

Thanks to generous global efforts, the British Virgin Islands has made great strides in rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. There is an urgent need to replant the islands’ indigenous trees and vegetation to protect the entire ecosystem.

We are asking for your support to make the Islands strong and green again. A generous donation of 3,000 fruit trees from our Caribbean neighbor St. Vincent and the Grenadines started the Seeds of Love process. We are now implementing an optimal planting plan and schedule; raising awareness and funds; organizing volunteers and voluntourists to assist in replanting; and involving local and global communities in these important efforts.


With the help of the global community of friends of the British Virgin Islands, volunteers, voluntourists and members of our local community, we are taking action that will make the islands even more resilient to future storms while promoting sustainable tourism.

Seeds of Love helps plant:

  • Coconut palms in beach areas to protect against erosion

  • White Cedars to serve as wind breaks and protect against erosion

  • Mangrove seedlings in our wetlands areas to protect against erosion, run-off and provide essential marine life habitat and breeding areas

  • Seeds of indigenous species to speed the natural repopulation, provide ground cover, root systems to hold moisture and soil, and provide food for the birds, insects and animals that depend on them

Seeds of Love helps to:

  • Assist in creating an ongoing structure of environmental stewardship and care for residents and visitors to follow so they can be engaged in the natural eco system of the islands far into the future

  • Assist in creating a permanent seed storage and seedling program that can be utilized to replant quickly in the event of future needs

  • Recognize all local and global participants for their contributions in this process so they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as the islands grow thanks to their care and love

How can you help?

Donate | BVI Seeds of Love


When you donate, your contribution goes towards the purchase of seedlings and saplings. These will be planted by BVI residents, guests, and local organizations. Explore our map of donations to see where trees have been planted.

Partner | BVI Seeds of Love


We’d like to partner and collaborate with you to create awareness and drive participation through sponsorships, special events and other promotional activities. Please contact us to discuss possible partnership opportunities.



Volunteer and participate in our planting events and global Earth Day celebrations. Visit our events page for details on upcoming events and activities and how you can get involved.





We are sincerely thankful for the support and contribution we’ve received. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive! From our residents, to our local, regional and international industry partners. Your “Seed of Love” is not only a valuable contribution to our environment, but to our very existence. I am excited that this project is taking shape. 

Sharon Flax-Brutus, Director of Tourism